Keep Your Kew Home Warm All Winter With Cambro Boiler’s Hot Water Floor Heating Systems

The winters in Melbourne’s suburb of Kew are known for being bitterly cold at the best of times, so finding the most effective way to keep your home and family warm is often a top priority. At Cambro Boilers, we are proud to offer our customers an energy efficient floor heating system that is operated via hot water passing through pipes in the concrete slab of your home.

When your Kew home is being constructed, special pipes will be laid in the concrete slab, all leading back to a boiler on the external of the house. When you turn the system on, the boiler will heat up water to the desired temperature before allowing it to pass through the pipes. The heat from the water is permitted to pass up through the floor and into the room beyond.

The main reason that hydronic floor heating is so popular throughout the opulent suburb of Kew is that it is able to provide an even warmth from the bottom all the way to the top of the room – even your bathroom tiles will be warm underfoot as you get into and out of the shower. Over all, this will provide your family with a level of comfort that they have never before experienced.

Before this year’s winter really sets in, Contact Cambro Boilers and ask them to assist with the installation of a hot water heating system that is sure to keep your family toasty and warm all season long. If you would prefer, we are also able to supply your plumber with all of the components that they will need to install one of these systems into your Kew home for you.