In Slab Heating

In Slab Heating

Sick of your feet feeling like ice blocks all winter long? Slab heating is the perfect way to keep your home warm, from the living areas through to the bathroom

Hydronic Slab Heating for All Types of Flooring

Why In Slab Heating?


1. Compatible with all types of flooring

Worried that the flooring you have your heart set on won’t be compatible with slab heating? Worry no more! Hydronic slab heating is compatible with most popular types of flooring, including: tiles, timber, natural stone and even carpet. Your choice of flooring will be in no way damaged by the heat.

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2. Keeps your home cleaner for longer

One of the best things about these systems is that, unlike ducted heating, there is no air circulation. This means that dust, dirt and other allergens are prevented from being circulated around your home. As well as improving the air quality, you’ll find that you don’t need to clean as often.

Slab Heating Perfect for High Ceiling Homes

3. Perfect for homes with high ceilings

Many homes that have high ceilings are prone to being chilly during the winter – no matter what you do, you simply cannot warm the space up comfortably. As the heat from these systems enters via the floor, however, you’ll find that it evenly disperses itself from floor to ceiling.

“This note is largely to say thanks very much for your help, it was a real pleasure working with you. The system is also working like a dream. We would also like to complement Cambro on young Brad and Daniel. They were clearly very competent, efficient, and tidy, and it was a great pleasure to have them around for the day.”
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4. Perfect for new constructions

Designing your dream home? Be sure to include slab heating from the get go, as the pipe work must be laid and the concrete slab poured directly over it. If you live in an existing home, Cambro Hydronic Heating can offer a number of other hydronic solutions that will provide it with warmth.

Concrete Floor Heating Perfect for New Construction
In Slab Floor Heating Pipe Work
Pipe work

Our concrete slab heating systems are comprised of insulated polyurethane pipes. These are relatively maintenance free, easy to install, resistant to corrosion and many chemicals, offer high performance and are environmentally friendly.

Programmable Thermostat
Programmable thermostat

The thermostats installed with our systems are completely programmable and can even be placed on a timer. This allows you to switch the heating on 30 minutes before getting up in the morning or arriving home from work.

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With a reputation built on over 50 years’ experience, you can be confident that Cambro is the right choice for your family.
Family Business

To ensure your In Slab heating offers maximum heat properties and increased energy efficiency, it is critical that the entire system is installed by a licensed professional. Our team of experienced plumbers are skilled in the installation of our underfloor heating, having worked extensively across all of our systems. Not only that, when working with Cambro, you can take advantage of our generous workmanship warranty too – speak with our team today to learn more.

Slab Heating Installation
Why Cambro

Cambro is proud to bring the highest quality European technology to homes across Melbourne. With our focus on premium service and luxury finishes, we are an excellent choice for your project.

design, supply & install
Design, Supply & Install

We work with you at every step of the way, helping you choose the perfect option for your home before offering professional installation.

Workmanship Warranty
Workmanship Warranty

Each unit that we install – from underfloor heating to radiators – comes with a 6 year workmanship warranty for your peace of mind.

Family Business
Family Business

With a reputation built on over 50 years’ experience, you can be confident that Cambro is the right choice for your family.

Can slab heating be installed in a two-storey home?

The only way that this would be possible is if your second storey has a suspended concrete ceiling, as the pipe work must be laid into the slab. If you have a two or more-storey home, trench heating or radiators will likely be a better solution for the upper storeys.

What makes hydronic heating so economical?

There are a number of reasons why this is the ideal choice if you’re looking for efficiency. Firstly, water is a better heat transfer medium than air, so it takes less energy to heat your home. Secondly, as you can choose to heat only one or two ‘zones’ at a time, you don’t need to warm your entire property in one go – saving energy at the same time.