Slimline In Screed Heating

Slimline In Screed Heating

One of the most popular methods of hydronic heated flooring, the slimline system offers an affordable yet streamlined appearance – perfect for new builds and renovations.

Perfect for Renovation

Why choose slimline in screed heating?


1. Perfect for renovations

If you want to take advantage of underfloor heating without building a brand-new home, then the slimline screed heating may be the ideal choice. Perfect for those undertaking renovations, it involves a slim piping system being set within an incredibly thin layer of concrete.

Designed to Heat the Whole Home

2. Designed to heat the whole home

With warm water flowing through the piping system, the concrete quickly heats to a comfortable temperature (no more cold feet) before evenly dispersing warm air throughout your home. Dictate the temperature level via your easy-to-use control panel as desired.

Slimline Heating Installation

3. Offering only a slight raise to the flooring level

This method of hydronic heating is referred to as ‘slimline’ for a reason! Even with the added concrete, you will only experience a 15mm raise in your flooring level – ensuring the architectural design of your home isn’t sacrificed in the process.

“This note is largely to say thanks very much for your help, it was a real pleasure working with you. The system is also working like a dream. We would also like to complement Cambro on young Brad and Daniel. They were clearly very competent, efficient, and tidy, and it was a great pleasure to have them around for the day.”
Ron & Gill S

4. Suitable for a range of flooring materials

For those with a particular flooring in mind, this is the ideal option. Suitable for a range of the most popular flooring and sub-flooring materials, you can enjoy the benefits of hydronic heating and a floor that suits your personal taste and architectural style.

Suitable for Wide Range of Flooring Material
Thermostatically controlled

With our thermostat panels, you can ensure each room in your home is heated to your desired temperature – you can also break your home into zones, allowing different areas to be heated at different times or temperatures.

Durable and Secure
Durable and secure

As the vast majority of these systems (excluding the boiler) is installed below your flooring, you can be confident they will stand the test of time free from any accidental wear and tear.

Aesthetically pleasing
We’ve found slimline in screed heating to be an excellent choice for any space, as it is completely hidden from view – your home can take advantage of a streamlined and attractive appearance in every room.
Aesthetically Pleasing
Why Cambro

Cambro is proud to bring the highest quality European technology to homes across Melbourne. With our focus on premium service and luxury finishes, we are an excellent choice for your project.

design, supply & install
Design, Supply & Install

We work with you at every step of the way, helping you choose the perfect option for your home before offering professional installation.

Workmanship Warranty
Workmanship Warranty

Each unit that we install – from underfloor heating to radiators – comes with a 6 year workmanship warranty for your peace of mind.

Family Business
Family Business

With a reputation built on over 50 years’ experience, you can be confident that Cambro is the right choice for your family.

Is this system dangerous for children?
If you’re worried that your young children or pets may receive nasty burns from hot parts, fear not! Each aspect is hidden below your flooring, which will never grow hot enough to cause a burn or blister.
Will slimline heating effect my allergies?
No! As it heats via radiation, there is no air being forced into your home – and blowing in dust and allergens in the process. As such, it’s the perfect choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.