Trench Heating

Trench Heating


Don’t want to compromise on the architectural design of your home with panel radiators, yet still want to take advantage of everything that hydronic heating has to offer? Trench heating could be the ideal solution.


Radiation operation

Whilst this system is installed beneath your flooring, that is where the difference between radiators and trench heating ends! A boiler heats water to the desired temperature before passing it through to the unit through piping in your floors; heat can then radiate upward from the floor into your home.

Trench Heater Grilles

Ideal for a lack of space

If your home has floor to ceiling windows or large sliding doors, you may have discovered that panel radiators simply aren’t an option. In these situations, underfloor trench heating could be the perfect alternative. The system is laid beneath the floor with a grille that allows heat to escape.

Trench Heating Grilles
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Suitable for your flooring

If you’re worried that trench heating is off limits to you due to your flooring, think again! Trench heating grilles are compatible with any type of flooring you can think of, from carpet and floorboards through to natural stone and tiles. The grille sits flush with the level of the floor, ensuring a seamless and relatively unobtrusive finish.

Trench Heating

Thermostatically controlled

To ensure that your home is heated to the desired temperature, all underfloor trench systems are controlled via thermostat. It is also possible to divide your home up into zones, so you only heat the rooms you need.

Trench Heater

Strong and durable grilles

Don’t worry about cracking or even breaking through the grilles – their strong and durable design means that they can be walked over with ease. This ensures that the trench radiators can be installed wherever you want – you don’t have to worry about finding a hidden corner where no one is likely to walk. Available in timber or aluminium, they will perfectly blend with your home as well.

Trench Systems

Available in the following designs



Trench heating is the perfect choice for those who want a flush in-floor heating option – but it is critical that you work with experienced professionals to achieve this. Not only can we ensure your trench heating looks aesthetically pleasing, but our licensed plumbers will take the care needed to provide maximum heat and increase the energy efficiency of your entire hydronic heating system.

In working with Cambro, you can also take full advantage of our generous workmanship warranty as well, so you can be confident your system will look its best and stand the test of time.

Trench Heating Installation
Why Cambro

Cambro is proud to bring the highest quality European technology to homes across Melbourne. With our focus on premium service and luxury finishes, we are an excellent choice for your project.

design, supply & install
Design, Supply & Install

We work with you at every step of the way, helping you choose the perfect option for your home before offering professional installation.

Workmanship Warranty
Workmanship Warranty

Each unit that we install – from underfloor heating to radiators – comes with a 6 year workmanship warranty for your peace of mind.

Family Business
Family Business

With a reputation built on over 50 years’ experience, you can be confident that Cambro is the right choice for your family.

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