Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating


With a huge range of underfloor heating options available, we believe it is the perfect choice for any home – offering unparalleled aesthetics and a comfortable living environment, an investment in hydronic underfloor heating is a must.


Attractive and appealing

If you’re looking for a heating solution that blends seamlessly with your home, then this is the ideal option. Hydronic floor heating systems are either completely invisible or streamlined and unobtrusive – you can take advantage of efficient heating without any intrusions on your home décor or architecture.

Attractive and Appealing Hydronic Floor Heating

Energy efficient

Hydronic underfloor heating is both energy efficient and cost effective, making it incredibly affordable to run. These floor heating systems are also highly environmentally friendly. Operating at between 80 and 95% efficiency, they are far more effective than any other heating method on the market, and reduce they reduce your emissions in the process.

Energy Efficient
“We went from not knowing much about hydronic heating to wondering how we ever went without it in only a few short months. Our system is working better than we could have imagined and we haven’t felt the cold once this winter.”
Jessica B

Thermostatically controlled

All of our in floor heating systems come equipped with a thermostat, which allows you to control the temperature of your home. Multiple thermostats can be used if you would like zones. Not only does this mean each room in your home can be heated to the perfect temperature for your personal taste, it also ensures you aren’t wasting energy heating zones that you know you won’t be using throughout the day.


Low maintenance and safe

The heating equipment requires very little maintenance – simply have it professionally serviced every couple of years to ensure its optimal working condition. With the vast majority of components hidden from view beneath your flooring, you can also be confident young children or pets won’t suffer from burns or blisters.

Safe & Low Maintenance Heating Equipment

No drafts

With no air movement whatsoever, drafts and cold spots will be completely eliminated from your home. This results in an even level of warmth, from floor to ceiling. It also ensures it’s the ideal choice for those suffering from allergies or asthma – with in concrete floor heating, dust and pollens won’t be circulated throughout your home.

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To take full advantage of effective and energy efficient underfloor heating, it is critical that the entire system is installed by a fully licensed professional. Our team of skilled plumbers are experienced in every aspect of the installation process, having worked with each system extensively, so you can be confident your hydronic heating will stand the test of time – and you can take full advantage of our generous workmanship warranty too.

Floor Heating Installation
Why Cambro

Cambro is proud to bring the highest quality European technology to homes across Melbourne. With our focus on premium service and luxury finishes, we are an excellent choice for your project.

design, supply & install
Design, Supply & Install

We work with you at every step of the way, helping you choose the perfect option for your home before offering professional installation.

Workmanship Warranty
Workmanship Warranty

Each unit that we install – from underfloor heating to radiators – comes with a 6 year workmanship warranty for your peace of mind.

Family Business
Family Business

With a reputation built on over 50 years’ experience, you can be confident that Cambro is the right choice for your family.

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