Choose Cambro Boilers For Hydronic Heating And Panel Radiators In Camberwell

As Camberwell is a fairly attractive suburb, you will require a fairly attractive heating system to go with it. At Cambro Boilers, we are able to supply you with hydronic heating or some panel radiators that are not only incredibly attractive, they are also able to provide your home with exceptional warmth.

Hydronic heating is the name given to a system of pipes that are laid beneath our Camberwell homes, in the sub-floor. Water is heated in a boiler and then passed through these pipes, whereby the heat in the water is passed up through the floor and into the room beyond. It is actually quite a luxurious form of heating, and it is highly effective on tiled floors, which are notoriously cold.

In a two storey or existing Camberwell home, however, this form of heating does pose a number of problems. To rectify this, you could have some panel radiators installed in the rooms that you wish to heat. Water is still heated in a boiler, but instead of being sent beneath the floor it is passed through pipes that lead to these radiators, allowing the heat to pass into the room beyond.

At Cambro Boilers, we have been installing hydronic heating and panel radiators in Camberwell homes for almost 30 years. We are happy to provide you with advice regarding the use of this sort of heating in your home, as well as undertaking all of the installations for you (including the pipes and boiler). If you would prefer, we can also supply your plumber with everything they need.