Why You Should Choose Cambro Boilers For Slab Heating Systems And Boilers In South Yarra

Living in the exclusive Melbourne suburb of South Yarra often requires that your home be equipped with the best heating system that money can buy. With the installation of slab heating as supplied by Cambro Boilers, you can reap the benefits of one of the most luxurious sources of warmth that the world has seen for a long time.

The reason that slab heating is so unique is that it is operated by hot water instead of hot air, as many other systems are. When your home is being built, pipes and floor coils will be laid directly into the concrete slab. This equipment is then linked to a boiler, which is responsible for heating the water before passing it through the pipes. The heat from the water is able to pass up through the floor and into your home.

There are a number of benefits associated with the installation of a Cambro Boilers heating system. For one, it won’t take up any of your valuable wall space, allowing you to hang artwork and arrange furniture to your heart’s content. For two, the temperature achieved will be consistent across the entire room, from top to bottom. And, for three, it is the ideal solution for asthma and allergy sufferers, as there is no air circulation.

Other systems are severely lacking in each of the above areas, which make them less than ideal for most South Yarra homeowners. If you have struggled with asthma for most of your life, you will continue to struggle because of the dust and allergens constantly circulated throughout the home by your heater. You will also find that the temperature in each room varies, especially if you have high ceilings (as hot air rises).

Stop spending long winter days suffering through the iciness of your South Yarra home in silence – contact Cambro Boilers and find out how you can benefit from the installation of a highly effective slab heating system. If you would prefer, we can also supply you with the panel radiators and boilers that you need to keep a pre-established home as warm as possible.