The Benefits of Trench Heating

Whilst hydronic heating has been used for centuries, its benefits have only recently become well known in Australia – and its popularity has skyrocketed as a result. However, many homeowners are still reluctant to a system within their own houses for the simple reason that they don’t understand how it works! Hydronic heating systems are designed to control the temperature of your home via warm or cool water sent through pipes throughout your space. There are a number of ways to achieve this, including slab and radiator installed options, however, trench heating can be the ideal choice for those with an existing home that want their heaters built into their flooring.

What is Trench Heating?
The ideal way to implement hydronic systems into your home without compromising on your architectural design, trench heating is suitable for almost any space! Operating in a similar way to radiators, these systems are installed into the flooring rather than attached to the walls. The method of heating your home is still the same – your boiler heats water to your desired temperature before passing it through piping to your unit. These trenches are suitable for any flooring types and are especially suited to homes who lack wall space or have floor to ceiling windows.

Can it Heat and Cool?
As the name suggests, these systems are ideal for heating your home from the ground up. However, they are also incredibly versatile, and can be used to cool your space as well! The same water that is generally heated to warm your home can be chilled to easily lower the temperature of your house – an easy and effective energy saving solution, as water can absorb more than 3000 times the amount of heat energy that the air can.

Why Should I install Trenches?
But wait, there’s more! There are a huge range of benefits involved in making the switch, including:

mini trench heating
  • Suitable for all flooring types: Designed to ensure your flooring – including carpet, timber, natural stone and tiles – are free from heat exposure and other potential damage.
  • Energy efficient and eco-friendly: Thanks to the even transfer of heat and high efficiency rates, this is an incredibly eco-friendly method of heating. It can also be connected to green power for an even more sustainable option.
  • Durable and long lasting: As trench heating systems can be walked on, they can be installed wherever you want – without worrying that they will be damaged by foot traffic.
  • Maximise wall space: Don’t take up your wall space with a radiator – these systems are installed into the flooring to ensure your wall space can be used exactly how you choose.
  • Quite operation: Without the use of fans to generate warm or cool air, these trenches are so quite you may not even realise they are on!

As you can see, trenches are the ideal choice for anyone with pre-existing flooring (anyone who isn’t currently building their home from scratch), as they offer a huge range of benefits that traditional heating methods simply can’t provide. Whether you’re looking for an attractive way to heat or cool your home, or you want to invest in a more energy efficient solution, trench heating could be the answer you’ve been waiting for – call Cambro today to learn more!