Sick Of Your Inefficient Central Heating System? Choose Cambro For Floor Heating In Camberwell

As Camberwell is such an old suburb, many of the homes that it contains have been fitted with central heating. Whilst at the top of the industry when these homes were first built, these heating systems have slowly aged and become more and more inefficient as time has passed. By contacting Cambro Boilers, you can swap your system for the more efficient version of floor heating.

There are actually a number of reasons why central heating is not the most appropriate choice for the Camberwell homes of today, apart from the fact that they have proven to be inefficient. For one, they are powered by fan forced air, which is known to move dust all around your home; for two, they are known to spread allergens, which can make winter life problematic for asthma sufferers; and, for three, they can be quite noisy.

Floor heating, on the other hand, has been designed to eliminate these shortcomings without compromising on the quality of warmth that is provided to your Camberwell home. This system involves pipes being laid beneath the floor of the home, in the concrete slab, through which hot water is passed; the heat of the water is transferred up through the ground and into the room beyond where it provides an even warmth from top to bottom.

Whilst many homeowners are wary of completely replacing their Camberwell home’s heating system because of the exorbitant costs involved, it is important to keep in mind that changing systems will also afford you a number of financial benefits. You will not, for example, have to turn your heater on as much or for as long because you will feel toasty from your head to your toes. Over time, this will considerably lower your gas bills.

It is never too late to change your heating system over to one that is much more efficient and provides your Camberwell home with a greater level of warmth. By contacting the helpful technicians at Cambro Boilers today, you could find yourself experiencing the many benefits associated with hydronic floor heating before this year’s winter is through.