Need Heating In Brighton, Malvern Or Mornington? Choose Cambro Boilers

Cambro Boilers are a company responsible for the manufacture and installation of the boilers and floor coils that comprise hydronic heating systems. We have been in operation since 1984 and bring over 50 years experience to the table, ensuring that your home and family is kept warm all winter long. We are able to supply your Brighton, Malvern or Mornington home with everything that you need to keep cold feet and hands toasty and warm all winter long.

These heating systems are powered by a European boiler that is installed on the exterior of your home, which is responsible for heating water to your desired temperature. The water then flows through pipes beneath the floor of your Malvern, Brighton or Mornington home, allowing the heat it contains to pass up into the room beyond, providing even warmth from floor to ceiling.

We often receive many questions from Mornington, Malvern and Brighton residents who are still unsure whether floor heating is appropriate. More often than not, these questions revolve around whether these systems are more efficient to run than others, whether they are cleaner and healthier than others, and whether their level of heat is superior to that of other systems.

In answer to these questions, we often tell Malvern, Mornington and Brighton residents that hydronic heating in melbourne is about 20% more efficient than other systems and that, the higher the ceilings in your home, the more efficient it becomes; that there is no dust movement, which makes it ideal for asthma and allergies; and that it warms every part of the room, not just the floor or ceiling.

If you are interested in the ways that hydronic heating can assist your home, we hope that you would give us at Cambro Boilers a call. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have and to provide your Mornington, Malvern or Brighton home with a quote for this work. If you would prefer, we can also provide your family plumber with everything that he needs to install this heating system for you in the form of a handy kit.