Interesting Facts About Under Slab Heating

For many of us, under slab heating is a foreign concept. We’re used to heating our homes with ducted or air con systems, or even a good old-fashioned log fire. Slab heating, on the other hand, uses water to heat our homes from the ground up. This method of heating is becoming increasingly popular at the moment, as we strive for healthier, more eco-friendly homes. And it doesn’t end there! There are a number of additional, unique things that make slab heating such a great concept. Even if you have heard of this method before, you may not be familiar with these interesting facts.

1. It’s incredibly healthy

One of the best things about under slab heating – apart from its efficiency – is the health benefits that it brings. As it’s heating via radiation (heating the air in our homes, rather than pushing in new hot air) it isn’t bringing any nasty dust or pollen with it. That means, not only do you not have to dust as often, you’re also creating a healthier indoor climate for any asthma or allergy sufferers!

2. You can save money on your heating bill

Everyone loves saving money, and to know you can heat your house easily and effectively whilst still pocketing a saving is great news to a lot of people. As it’s heating your home with lower temperatures (though your home still easily reaches the same toasty temperature you love) it’s consuming less energy in the process. In fact, we’ve found it can be up to 35% more cost effective than ducted models!

3. It’s an ideal eco-friendly option

In addition to being more energy efficient – meaning it’s pumping less CO2 into the atmosphere – your floors can be heated with more eco-friendly power sources. It isn’t unusual for solar power to be used alongside slab heating, and if you’re using it for your heating and cooling, then you might as well use solar across your whole home. For this reason, it’s ideal for anyone looking to do their bit for the environment.

4. You can use almost any form of flooring

We wouldn’t blame you if you thought under floor heating could only be used in polished concrete floors – after all, the pipework does have to be laid in a concrete slab. However, this method is actually compatible with all the most popular flooring materials, including tiles, timber, natural stone and even carpet.

5. It isn’t a new form of heating

As it has only gained popularity in recent years, many are under the impression that this is a fairly new invention – and they couldn’t be further from the truth. Under floor heating has been used for thousands of years. Whilst some believe it’s use dates back to roman bath houses, the truth is it’s actually even older! Evidence of baked floors for heating and cooking date back as early as 5000 BC, with archaeologists discovering their remains in both Korea and Alaska.

As you can see, under slab heating is a great way to heat your whole home. With a huge range of benefits, it’s the ideal choice for healthy living and efficient energy use. Not only that, it’s an incredibly interesting and ancient system that you can make use of today!