How You Can Heat Your Home With Hot Water

Are you sick of your rattling ducted heating system notifying you when it has decided to roar back into life? Are you sick of your fan-forced system failing to heat anything more than a square foot of space? You may find that your frustrations are alleviated by the installation of a hydronic heating system in your home, which operates via hot water.

Hydronic heating involves water being heated in a boiler before it is passed through pipes that crisscross the slab beneath the floors of your home. For two storey homes, the water is taken to panel radiators on the second level, where it runs through the coils before being returned to the beginning. The heat is transferred through the pipes and into the room beyond.

As the hot water traverses the length of your home, it begins to cool down until it finally reaches the beginning (when it has most likely reached stone cold proportions). The system will begin to operate all over again, with the water being heated by the boiler and passed through pipes in the floor or panel radiators attached to the wall.

Hydronic Heating Installation

Today, many home owners are opting for hydronic heating systems that are powered by hot water because they find them to be highly efficient and relatively cost-effective to run. On top of this, hydronic systems are actually far quieter than ducted ones and, unlike fan-forced heating, is able to evenly heat the room to a comfortable temperature. So, is this the kind of system you could see in your own home?