How To Clean Your Home Heating Ducts

Many of the home heating systems that we install in our homes disperse warmth throughout the building via ducts that have been installed in the floor, walls or ceiling. Filters in the ducts trap most of the dust that is present in the air, but a considerable amount of the dust will still manage to work its way into the ductwork where it is distributed around the home.

Step 1: Remove the grills from the duct openings in each room of the home. You might be able to simply lift them out, otherwise you will need to unscrew them individually. Make sure that you keep the screws well out of the way.

Step 2: Take a clean cloth and give it a good spray with a dust remover. Use the cloth to give each of the grills a good clean to remove as much dust as possible.

Step 3: Attach the sweeper attachment to the nozzle of your vacuum and stick it down as far into the duct as it will go. Turn the vacuum on and give the entire home heating system a good clean.

Step 4: Once you are finished, put the grills back over the duct openings and either slot them into place or screw them back into position.

To lessen the chances that the ducts of your home heating system are spreading harmful dust particles around your home, you should give the ducts a good clean at least once or twice a year. If there are people with asthma living in your home, you should do this more often to ensure that their health is taken into consideration.