How To Adjust A Central Heating Thermostat

It is recommended that you check and adjust the thermostat of your central heating system at least a few times a year, every few weeks during the times of the year when the system is being used a lot and then once during the time of year when it is hardly used at all. Not only does this allow you to monitor how much you’re spending on heating your home, it also ensures the safety of your family by allowing you to pick up on issues quickly.

Step 1: Take off your thermostat cover, remove the front assembly and check that the wall plate is level. If it’s not, loosen the mounting screws on the plate and level it out. Reattach the front assembly.

Step 2: Using a soft brush, clean all of the switch contacts to ensure that they are operating effectively and cleanly.

Step 3: Take a small screwdriver and use it to adjust the reading of the thermometer so that it matches the accurate room thermometer of your central heating system.

Step 4: If your furnace is turning on and off too often or not often enough, adjust the anticipator. If it’s turning on and off too often, move the pointer toward the longer setting; if it’s rarely coming on at all, move the pointer the other way.

Once you are finished adjusting the thermostat of your central heating system, you can close the cover and go back inside to enjoy the delicious warmth that it is providing you with. Whilst you don’t have to perform all of the above steps every single time you check the thermostat, you need to complete them all at least once a year.