Handy Tips For Floor Warming In Melbourne Homes

Jumping out of bed directly onto the cold tiles is one way to wake you up in the morning, but if you prefer a more subtle nudge into the world of awareness you might be interested in floor warming for Melbourne homes. If you have installed heated floors, you are well on your way to achieving this – just remember that they take time to warm up and you might still feel a chill or two.

  • Seal any cracks around the bottom of doors using weather stripping or a ‘draft dodger’. A cold draft coming in under the door will generally sweep across the floor, leaving the surface quite cool.
  • Insulate all of the unheated spaces beneath the floor to prevent cold air from seeping through any cracks or simply cooling the surface from underneath. Rolled insulation between the gaps in your rafters actually works well for preventing cold air.
  • Seal your crawl spaces and any cracks in the foundation to prevent cold air from getting into the home. Many people actually find that packing these spaces with bales of hay works quite well.
  • Lay some carpeting over the floor, at least during the winter months, to help take the chill off. Choose a type with heavy backing and dense, heavy fibres for the best insulation. Place rugs in the common areas, like beside your bed, for added warmth.

By utilising as many of the above tips as you like in your own home, you will find that floor warming in Melbourne is a breeze. Whilst your under floor heating system warms up for the day, you will be able to go about your business without fear that your feet will catch a chill. It may help to have a professional to come out and assist you with sealing any gaps that you find.