Choose Cambro Boilers For Hydronic (Or Slab) Home Heating In Malvern

Does your Malvern home still feel cold in winter, even with your home heating system turned up as far as it will go? If so, it’s likely that you need to replace your unit with one that is able to provide your home with the warmth that your family craves. The team at Cambro Boilers is happy to provide their customers with a highly efficient slab heating system that will be able to meet all of their needs and many more.

Cambro Hydronic Heating is the name given to a system that involves hot water being circulated through pipes that have been laid beneath the floor. These pipes are fed water by a gas-fired boiler that is located on the outside of the Malvern home; this is also where the water returns once it has completed its circuit and needs to be reheated. As the water travels beneath the floor, its heat is allowed to travel up and into the room beyond.

This type of home heating has actually been around for a number of years but had yet to see the boom in popularity that it is currently experiencing. The pipes and boilers that are used in the manufacture of the system are imported directly from Europe, the home of hydronic heating; this gives our Malvern customers the peace of mind that only the highest quality materials have been used in their system and that it will be long lasting.

Other than the exceptional levels of warmth, are there any other benefits that slab heating is able to provide your home? The main advantage would have to be for asthma and allergy sufferers, as the unit does not circulate dust or other allergens around the home. Other Malvern homeowners will also be able to benefit via the fact that the unit is perfect for homes with high ceilings and that it is thermostatically controlled.

By contacting the team at Cambro Boilers today, you might be fortunate enough to have one of these slab heating systems installed in your home before the end of the upcoming winter. If so, we hope that you will immediately notice a difference in the quality of warmth that your Malvern home has been provided with. To help ensure the timeliness of your installation, we are even happy to supply hydronic heating equipment directly to your plumber.